Welcome to E4 Peloponnese

Unique experience in Peloponnese

Have this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Peloponnese, on a route up on the Greek mountains that will take you from Diakopto, Achaia, to Tripoli, Arcadia.
Cover 125km of natural beauty and cultural interest in 7 or 9 stages.

Stage 1: Diakopto - Kalavryta

You can admire the majestic alternating landscape through the Vouraikos river gorge, next to impetuous waterfalls that startle travelers, alongside the rails of the Odontotos railway. Make a stop at the picturesque “Mega Spelaion” station in Kato Zachlorou to wander around or simply to rest under the shade of the plane trees before you continue to Kalavryta bearing the memory of the beautiful images you have just relished.

Stage 2: Kalavryta - Planitero

Leaving the beautiful and historical town of Kalavryta, take an ascending course past green fields up to the big turn towards the Helmos ski resort. This is the best spot to admire the view of the valley of Ano Lousoi below and then continue to have a picnic at Kato Lousoi. As you proceed, there is a surprise awaiting at the village of Kastria (a small detour) … the Lake Caves. At the end of the day, all fatigue will just vanish into thin air as the amphitheatrical Planitero looms into view above a plane-tree forest at the source of the Aroanios River…

Stage 3: Planitero - Lykouria

The new ascending route to Arbounas village takes us through the plane-tree forest at the source of the Aroanios River. We have a full view from above. The rocky path leads us through forests, goat-paths and prairies to Agios Nikolaos and, then, to a dirt road over Tourlada village. With a little effort, we will reach Krinofyta. The last leg of this stage starts at the upper part of Krinofyta as we head to Lykouria…

Stage 4: Lykouria - Dara

Leaving Lykouria, we take a southward route through the forest road that leads us to the asphalt road, according to the signs. It is imperative that we stop at the source of the Ladon River. This place is also called “Rahi Pyrgou” or “Kefalovryso”. The water surges from swallow holes with such force that it could operate simultaneously 20 mills… Continue upwards to Pagrati through flowery prairies, cedars, oak trees and bushes. On the way, you will definitely bump into several flocks of goats. Once you reach the clearing, take a look at the valley below and, then, you will soon arrive at picturesque Dara. Welcome to Arcadia.

Stage 5: Dara - Vytina

This is a rather easy part of the trail as it takes you through asphalt and dirt roads crossing the fertile Dara plain, next to the bridge upon the Tragos River, a unique sample of architectural beauty. Go to Kamenitsa through a refreshing plane-tree forest and then go on to explore the amazing pine and spruce tree forests as you trek along the trail path on the way from Nymphasia to Vytina.

Stage 6: Vytina - Kardaras

It is from Vytina that we start a wonderful course through a spurce-tree forest with the aim to reach the top at 1,600m, at which altitude there is a ski resort and a mountain refuge for climbers. It is about 10km from Vytina (2.5 – 3 hours) and the path is signposted by climbing clubs from Tripoli. You must constantly follow the signs with a yellow square in white background. A bit further ahead, you’ll come across orange squares in white background signs as well as E4 signs. This stage of the trail ends up in Kardaras.

Stage 7: Kardaras - Tripoli

Starting out at Kardaras, the path is on the asphalt road for a short while and leads to the village of Kapsia, following the main road. Attention: approximately 400m from the village, on the big turn, the E4 trail crosses with the path to Roeino village on the right (the signs are orange squares in white background). Since you are at Kapsia, you can pay a visit to the colourful “Kapsia Caves”. From this spot on, you are in for a trekking trail through awesome lush prairies and dirt roads, leading you to the bustling city of Tripoli, through Perthori village.